Produk Minuman seperti di Resto Terkenal

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minuman product nestle proffesional seperti yg kita minum di A&W, MacDonald, & tempat-tempat  makanan lainnya, tidak dijual di supermarket


*Milo 960gr.                                                                   60rb

*Tehtarik 960gr.                                                         105rb

*Nestea LemonTea 1kg.                                               53rb

*Nestea GreenTea 750gr.                                            60rb

*Lemonade 640gr.                                                          50rb

*Blackcurrant 750gr.                                                       60rb

*Pink Guava 600gr.                                                         50rb

*Nescafe Capuccino Caramel 500gr.                          50rb

*Nescafe Latte 500gr.                                                    45rb

*Lime tea.  560gr.                                                            47rb

* Moccalatte 375gr.                                                        53rb

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